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Our Employee’s Journey with Wellube – CIRILO ABOBO DELA CRUZ

In every journey, there are certain moments that shape us, transform us, and lead us to the path of success. Let us walk through the employee journey of Mr. Cirilo Abobo Dela Cruz from the UAE team, whose been with Wellube…

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Understanding Flange Facing And Its Applications

In the oil and gas industry, flanges are essential components used to connect pipes and other equipment in various applications. A flange is a protruding rim or collar that attaches one object to another by bolting them together. However, flanges need…

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Split Sleeve Repair

Split Sleeves Repair Clamps – Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what happens when a gas line or a water pipe leaks? To put it mildly, it can be messy and create risky situations. But do not worry! Split sleeve repair clamps are a clever fix that comes…

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Our Employee’s Journey with Wellube – Cesar Reyes Guiyab

In professional growth and career development, one’s journey within a company can be proof of their hard work, dedication, and flexibility. In this blog, let’s look at the inspiring story of one of Wellube’s employees, Mr. Cesar Reyes Guiyab from our…

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Valve Maintenance

Valve Maintenance – Proactive Versus Reactive Repair

Valves serve as silent sentinels, controlling the flow of liquids, gases, and other substances in the complex web of industries that power our modern world. We all know these elements play a crucial role.  However, did you ever wonder about the…

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Getting to Know Online Leak Sealing

Getting to Know Online Leak Sealing – A Complete Guide

Have you ever thought about the best way to prevent pipelines and systems from potential harm and leaks? If yes, in this blog we explore the best solution for – online leak sealing that is a specialized maintenance and repair technique…

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Enclosure Clamp Seals Leak

Key Aspects to Keep in Mind When Planning a Hot Tap and Line Stop on Your Pipeline

Hot tapping and line stopping are essential techniques in the oil and gas as well as utilities industry for performing maintenance, repairs, or modifications on live pipelines. These procedures allow for work to be conducted without shutting down the entire system,…

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Pipe Freezing-thumbnail

Understanding Pipe Freezing and its benefits

Cryogenic pipe freezing services is a method by which pressure-resistant plugs are formed by freezing the contents, using an externally applied coolant in liquid-filled pipes. One of the most secure and cost-effective method for temporary pipe isolation is pipe freezing (cryogenics). It is…

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service engineer

Life at Wellube: Meet Aldrin Francis, Service Engineer

In this blog, you will get to know more about Aldrin Francis who handles the role of Service Engineer in Qatar.

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project engineer

Life at Wellube: Meet Midhun George, Project Engineer

In this blog, we get to know more about Midhun George who handles the role Project Engineer in the UAE.

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