Wellube’s Pipe Freezing solution can help you reduce downtime – and save costs – during maintenance programs.

Carried out under “no flow” conditions, it’s a proven isolation technique when you need to modify pipelines, replace defective valves, or add new ones.

Pipe Freezing eliminates the need for expensive fluid discharging and recharging and minimizes system shutdown time. More than that, it reduces the resources you need for the repair and modification work.

An alternative to Line Stopping, where sections of pipe need to be isolated due to unavailable or inoperable valves, it’s been used to keep numerous piping systems online and help customers avoid unscheduled shutdowns.

The methodology can freeze on pipe sizes varying from ¼” to 24,” and the freeze plug can be maintained for as long as required. A quick mobilization turnaround to meet your emergency requirement can be performed on most metal pipes and in any orientation.