Hot Tapping

Wellube performs specification development, proposal evaluation, project management, and technical consulting for oil & gas and water & liquid pipeline companies. Our capabilities include specialised applications, wherever achievable.

If you’re planning a project but are not sure of the best way to make it happen, tap into the wealth of experience that we have to offer. Working together, we can achieve an innovative and cost-effective solution to suit your requirements.


Our unique range of specialist hot tapping equipment enables a connection to be made to a piping system or a vessel without shutdown or interruption to production.

Hot Taps can be performed safely on most types of pipes, ranging from carbon steel to GRE. They can be carried out on systems containing oil, gas, fuel, steam, water and many other line mediums with pressures up to 1000 PSIG @ 100℉.

Line material

    • Asbestos-Cement
    • Stainless steel
    • Steel cylinder
    • Carbon steel
    • Ductile iron
    • Equipment Line contents
    • Crude oil
    • Gasoline
    • Water
    • Steam
    • Natural gas
    • Wastewater

Wellube’s pipeline services use the latest available technology in coupon retention. When a Hot Tap is performed, the double wired pilot drill retains the coupon for recovery when the process is complete.

A typical Hot Tap installation consists of a tapping saddle, ball or gate valve, and Hot Tapping Machine. The installation is pressure tested, the valve is opened, and the cutter and pilot drill advanced. When the cut is complete, the cutter and pilot drill is retracted, the valve is closed and the Hot Tap Machine removed.