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QHSSE Policy Statement


Wellube is among the world’s prominent integrated subsea and offshore solution providers, specialists
in the provision of on-site engineering services, and providing sales, rental and services of equipment for the
marine, diving, subsea and medical market sectors.

Our Principles

Wellube is committed to implement and maintain a quality, occupational health, safety and environmental management system
that continually improves effectiveness and performance, providing products and services that meet the requirements of our internal
and external customers and stakeholders, applicable standards, and shall comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
We shall adopt the process and risk based thinking approach. We shall plan and implement actions to address risks and opportunities
to establish a basis for increasing the effectiveness of the QHSE management system, achieving improved results and preventing
negative effects.

Wellube promotes a positive culture based on a passionate QHSE leadership at all levels of the organization. We are firmly
committed to meeting customer expectations, prevention of injury and ill health of all persons within our workplace, and minimizing
our environmental footprint through pollution prevention practices and eliminating waste.

Our Commitment

We shall understand the organization and its context, determining internal and external factors, both positive and negative, relevant
to its purpose and strategic direction that affect its ability to achieve the intended results of the QHSE management system. We shall
determine the interested parties and understand the requirements of these interested parties that are relevant to its QHSE
management system.

We shall establish, implement, maintain and improve the QHSE management system, including processes and their interactions, in
accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 management systems requirements.

Top Management shall demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to the QHSE management system by:

  • taking accountability for the effectiveness of the QHSE management system;
  • providing a safe working environment to all employees, wherever we work;
  • empowering employees to stop and challenge any work that is considered unsafe or not in line with this QHSE policy, relevant
    standards and procedures;
  • identifying, assessing the risks and hazards associated with Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental aspects in the workplace,
    and taking action to prevent, reduce or control it to an acceptable level and leveraging opportunities to the advantage of all
  • promoting ecological sustainability through waste reduction, reuse and recycling opportunities;
  • establishing, reviewing and reporting on QHSE performance, measured against objectives and targets in line with this policy;
  • ensuring the management system is integrated throughout all parts of our business processes, and is driving continuous
  • promoting process approach and ensuring that identifying and managing risk and opportunity is an integral part of strategic planning
    and business process management;
  • providing adequate resources to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the QHSE Management System;
  • developing and sustaining a culture of routinely doing things right and doing them better, adopting best practices, while building
    successful relationships both internally and externally;
  • engaging, directing and supporting employees to contribute to the effectiveness of the QHSE management system;
  • enhancing the competency of our employees through knowledge sharing, training and motivation;
  • establishing a constructive relationship with our suppliers and subcontractors and evaluating their performance;
  • communicating this policy to personnel at all levels within the organization, the members of the public and other interested parties
    on request.

This QHSE Policy and the Management System shall apply to Wellube, its subsidiary companies and group companies; this policy
shall be periodically reviewed to ensure continuing suitability, to ensure it meets the requirements of Wellube, our customers,and the market.
At Wellube, we never compromise our commitment to QHSE management.

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