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Turnkey Valve Reliability Management

Most industrial operations depend on the effective operation of valves. Each must be maintained for a facility to be safe, effective, dependable, and profitable. Replacement of all the valves in a system can be costly, time-consuming, and generally disruptive to operations. In contrast, on-site valve repair and modification allow for the quickest and least expensive return to normal operations. However, the danger of incorrect repair increases when various contractors carry out the work since different repair methods, equipment usage, training, and paperwork is used. It’s crucial to comprehend the whole range of services provided when selecting a contractor who calls themselves a full-service or turnkey business.
Depending on the kind, purpose, material, and need for repair, there are many ways to fix a valve. Complete removal and installation with bolting and torquing, on-site or shop machining, weld repair, heat treatment, lapping, grinding of valve seats, and repacking are all possible repairs. A maintenance handover involving these numerous repair procedures can be a challenging, high-risk activity, similar to a shift handover.
During these handoffs, technicians must share critical information to ensure safety and efficiency. There are frequently no written guidelines with clear standards for contractors to report work done on the specific valve being repaired. There are several causes of communication breakdowns. Usually, one of two things happens: either the communicated information needs to be revised or corrected, or the person receiving it misinterprets it.
The likelihood of a service provider not being an actual turnkey provider for a project significantly lowers. This is because all technicians operate under the same standards established by the single-source supplier. All aspects of the job are uniform regarding safety procedures, training needs, process expectations, and support teams. For more than 20 years, Wellube has assisted clients in resolving challenging valve maintenance issues. Wellube offers comprehensive turnkey solutions that can be carried out online and offline, thanks to the experience gained in the industry.
Valve Reliability Management Services in UAE

Benefits of Valve Preventive Maintenance

Keeping Valves Working
Preventative maintenance's primary goal is to keep your valves operating more effectively for longer. Without this upkeep, you can discover that your valves are challenging to turn or won't open or close. If you don't take care
Saving Cost
Your valves will last longer with preventive care, requiring fewer replacements. It will also require less repair work throughout the valve's useful life. For instance, by merely tightening the bolts on sleeved plug valves used in highly corrosive applications, you can solve a leaking issue and extend the life of your valves by years.
Reducing the Shutdown Possibilities
Preventative valve maintenance results in reduced emergency and planned shutdowns. Thanks to modern technology, several maintenance tasks can now be carried out while valves are in line and under pressure.
Increase Safety
The best thing you can do for the safety of your staff and equipment is preventative maintenance carried out by qualified valve experts. Preventative maintenance lowers your risk of an emergency and its potentially catastrophic effects by ensuring your valves function correctly.
Valve Reliability Management Services in Qatar

Process Involves In Turnkey Valve Reliability Management

Turnkey valve reliability management is a thorough procedure that guarantees the efficient operation and extended life of valves. It entails assessing valve performance, doing routine maintenance, carrying out required repairs, and utilising preventative measures to maximise reliability. In a variety of industrial applications, this comprehensive approach reduces downtime, improves safety, and maximises productivity.
Wellube is ideally positioned to offer the optimum solution for your needs, whether proactive or reactive maintenance for valve management. It includes
  • Online Valve Maintenance
  • Online Valve Flushing, Lubrication, and Sealing


Regular maintenance and testing can significantly improve the reliability of safety valves. It’s important to ensure that the valves are installed and maintained correctly, and that they are tested regularly to identify any potential issues.
While online safety valve testing may not be mandatory in all cases, it is recommended by many regulatory bodies and industry standards to ensure the reliability and performance of safety valves.
Failure to test safety valves can lead to the valves not functioning properly, which can result in equipment damage or failure, as well as potential safety hazards for personnel.
The frequency of online safety valve testing required by regulatory bodies varies depending on the type of equipment and the industry. It’s important to consult with regulatory bodies and industry standards to determine the recommended testing frequency.
Online safety valve testing can be done on a wide range of equipment, including pressure vessels, pipelines, and storage tanks.
Online safety valve testing can detect leaks and other issues that may affect the reliability and performance of safety valves.
Interpreting the results of online safety valve testing requires an understanding of the testing procedures and the specific equipment being tested. It’s important to work with a qualified service provider who can interpret the results and make recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.
When selecting a service provider for online safety valve testing, it’s important to consider their experience, qualifications, and reputation in the industry. It’s also important to ensure that they are familiar with the specific equipment being tested and any applicable regulatory requirements. At Wellube, we have the experience to handle your requests, do reach out to us and a technical expert will support your queries.
Regular maintenance and testing, along with proper installation and operation, can help ensure that safety valves are properly maintained. It’s important to work with a qualified service provider who can make recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance to ensure the reliability and performance of the valves.
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