Laser Alignment for Flatness Checking

Before installing new equipment or re-installing old equipment, it is imperative to check for the base plate’s flatness or foundation and ensure that it is accurately aligned to prevent unnecessary tensions and minimize stresses on the equipment housings.

Using the latest laser leveling and alignment system, we provide a complete service to meet all your requirements for measuring large surfaces’ flatness.

Laser level for leveling and determining flatness involves sweeping a laser beam horizontally, making a perfectly horizontal ‘plane of sight’ known as a waterline. This allows flatness to be determined within a few thousands of an inch, over distances of hundreds of feet.

Ideal if equipment foundations need to be checked for any flatness faults before the equipment is actually installed to verify perfect laser alignment and ensure the equipment meets optimal operation conditions.


  • By using our laser alignment system requirements are met on both accuracy and repeatability, thus increasing the lifetime of your equipment
  • Any adjustments that can be made to the foundation or base plate being measured can be viewed on the system in real time minimizing downtime
  • Cost savings as less likely to undergo fatigue stress.
  • All results are stored for filing, traceability and quality assurance requirements.

    Laser Alignment

    Laser Alignment