On-Line Valve Sealing

When a ball valve is operational in a pipeline system, foreign debris will enter the valve either at the time of installation or due to foreign contamination from the line medium. This debris will produce tiny scratches on the polished ball surface that occur where the debris wears on the ball and seat during the cycling of the valve.

In time, this reduces the valves’ ability to provide an adequate seal, as these tiny scratches begin to cause minor leak paths. Any sealing surface subject to mechanical friction is susceptible to the damage mechanism described above.

Sealants provide an effective temporary means of creating a leak-tight seal, even on valves with severe leakage problems.

Wellube offers both reactive as well as Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) packages to its clients and provides online flushing, lubrication and sealing solutions on such valves.

Emergency Sealing your valves gives the following operational advantages:
• Provides temporary bubble-tight seal, even on valves with severe leakage problems
• Has significant cost savings, when compared to alternatives
• Saves time

Valve sealing is an essential part of an effectively managed valve maintenance program. Get in touch with Wellube to produce a unique Preventive Management System for your valves that will help you to optimize reliability and safety whilst minimising cost and downtime.

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