Uni-Test On-Line Safety Valve Testing

Wellube’s UNI-TEST system delivers safe and accurate pressure relief valve (PSV) testing – with no operational disruption.

The system/service enables you to ensure that every safety/pressure valve is operating at peak efficiency and meeting relevant safety obligations: key factors when it comes to maintaining plant productivity, safety, and profitability.

UNI-TEST identifies valves in need of adjustment or full service. The tests are performed in-situ, online and under normal operating conditions. The result is a certifiable process that allows correctly performing valves to remain in service for longer periods and identifies valves that do not meet the correct performance criteria so that they can be scheduled for maintenance at the next available opportunity.

Other key benefits:

  • No plant downtime as tests are executed online
  • Greater result reliability as tests are done in actual site conditions
  • Less time required to commission the plant after shutdown
  • Analysis of valve set points & advice on faults or performance issues
  • Most spring loaded valves and Pilot operated valves can be tested
  • TÜV & DNV approved system
  • Infinitely adaptable to most customer requirements
  • Efficient digital management of test data, including settings and results
  • No need for temperature compensation for set pressure as the test is executed at actual site operating conditions (mandatory for bench test)
  • The valve is free to function normally throughout the testing operation
  • Online (hot) and offline (cold) testing capability

    Valve Maintenance, Valve Greasing & Sealing