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Quickflange Weldless Connectors

Revolutionise Your Pipeline with Quickflange, No Hot Work Required

Robust pipe to flange connections without welding. Provides installation of permanent and gas-tight flange connections quickly and cost-effectively. Best suited for petrochemicals, energy, oil and gas industrial pipelines that require no hot work.

Increase Pipeline Installation Speed and Safety with Quickflange

Quickflange is a test and proven method for more than 20 years across various industries. This technology ensures quick and safe installations eliminating hot work and it is the mechanically robust alternative to traditional welding. Added benefit of corrosion protection on crevices. Wellube provides Quickflange service across UAE, Qatar and India, in partnership with ICR, a UK-based specialist on asset integrity.

Our Quickflange connector, paired with a bespoke activation tool, ensures seamless installation. With patented internal grooves, it effortlessly slides over pipe ends, facilitating swift and precise connections. The process is streamlined: after isolating the line and achieving a straight cut, the Quickflange aligns flush with the pipe edge. Our hydraulic tool, meticulously calibrated, swiftly activates to the required pressure, seamlessly swaging the pipe into the grooves for a permanent, gas-tight seal.



Quickflange is available for wide range of pipe sizes, pressure classes and material types.

  • Pipe Size: DN20 to DN350 (¾” to 14”)
  • Compatible Materials:
    • Carbon Steel (CS)
    • Stainless Steel (SS) – 316, Duplex, Super Duplex, 6Mo
    • Copper-Nickel
    • Nickel Alloy
  • Pressure Range: 150# to 900# (available up to 2500#)
  • Type Approvals: DNV (Certified Installations Zone 1 and 2) & ABS
  • Flange Geometry: ASME B16.5; EEMUA 145; EN 1092-1


Commonly used to

  • Install, modify or re-route pipelines
  • Replace flanges
  • Tie-in Spools
  • Blind pipelines
  • Decommission

Suitable for

  • Petrochemical, Energy, Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Zones that restrict hot work
  • Confined Spaces
  • Remote locations requiring rope access
  • Onshore and Offshore operations

Features of Quickflange Weldless Connector Method

Traditional repair methods often rely on time-consuming hot work processes, posing safety risks and causing lengthy downtime. But what if there was a faster, safer, and more efficient solution? Introducing a revolutionary cold forging technology that eliminates these challenges, providing a permanent, cost-effective solution for your pipeline repair needs.

  • No Hot Work
    100% Cold Work. No open flames, ignition sources or flammable gases required. Pipe and flange are cold forged using special tools to avoid hot work.
  • Fast
    15 minutes for the activation process on DN350 (14”) pipe ensures quick delivery. Saving over 80% time than traditional welding methods. Further, Off-the-shelf product ensuring fast turnaround, particularly for urgent repairs.
  • Wide Compatibility
    Compatible with most metal pipes. Smaller equipment size ensures access even in tight spaces and enclosed areas.
  • Permanent Cost-Effective Solution
    Provides permanent solution with fewer manpower requirements, shorter work times, and increased productivity helps you to be as cost-effective as possible.
  • Certifications & Experience
    Industry-recognized approval with our DNV and ABS Type Approvals with 20 years of experience and a proven track record.


Wellube stands as the premier choice for pipeline flow management solutions, trusted by clients worldwide for over two decades. At the heart of our offerings lies cutting-edge technology, including ICR Quickflange weldless technology, revolutionizing pipeline installations.

Choose Wellube for unparalleled expertise, innovative technology, and a commitment to optimizing your pipeline operations with efficiency and precision.

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