Pipeline Repair Clamps

Each pipeline repair solution requires a customised product which is designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with client requirements and international standards.

Wellube provides custom made products for enhanced flow management and pipeline repairs. All our products are available for the entire size range of existing pipelines covering materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel among others.

    Split Sleeve Pipeline Repair Clamps

    Our Uni-Seal clamp is an economical, bolt-together fitting designed to allow both temporary and permanent repairs to damaged pipelines. This product can be used for offshore, onshore and subsea applications, on pipelines carrying oil, gas, steam, chemical and water.

    Designed to ASME VIII, its unique construction means repairs can be made while the line continues on-line and are designed for fast and easy installation. Once the Uni-Seal Split Sleeve Repair Clamp is bolted in place, the seal is complete.

    The standard clamps are rated to 1000 psig of design pressure with Buna-N sealing material, however UniSeal Split Sleeve Repair Clamps can be custom-made to higher pressure ratings and extended sealing lengths to meet your specific requirements

    Our methods include:

    •  Ideal for use on leaking pipes or where wall thinning occurs.
    •  Self-sealing is achieved by bolting of the clamp studs.
    • Standard clamps in single seal arrangement. Double seal arrangement available upon request.
    • Hydro tested to 1.5 times the clamp design pressure (or as per client’s specification).
    •   Comes with wedge shape grooves to safeguard against slipping of seals during installation.
    •  Designed to ASME VIII.
    •  Can be provided with prep angles for welding on the pipeline as and when required.

    Structural Pipeline Repair Clamps


    Providing superior reinforcement and structural integrity to impaired pipelines, our structural pipeline repair clamps feature locking grip collets. These locking grip collets allow axial loads to be transferred to the actual clamp body rather than the pipeline, removing longitudinal stresses and further strengthen the integrity of the pipeline during repair.

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