On-Line Valve Greasing

Our Flushing Fluids help clean valve internals and reduce operating torque. Lubrication reduces friction between the wearing surfaces. Lubricant sealants help to preserve seat sealing effectiveness and to seal worn valves with minor leakage problems.

Greasing/ Lubrication is introduced into the valve, using the seat injection fittings. Valves that do not have seat injections fittings can usually have these retrofitted.
Greasing your valves gives the following operational advantages:

• Cleans their seats of potentially damaging particles (sand/dirt/swarf/weld slag)
• Stops debris from getting stuck between seats if administered before pigging pipeline.
• Prevents and removes stiction (Torque to operate, reduced / less strain on stem and actuator)
• Preserves the life of their seals, and components against mechanical and corrosion damage

The costs associated with a scheduled maintenance program including greasing/ lubrication are considerably lower than a full overhaul or replacement of the valve itself.

Wellube’s custom-built high pressure, heavy-duty air operated lubrication system is designed to be light and mobile, which makes it a most suitable pump for the oil and gas industry’s tougher and more inaccessible locations both onshore and offshore.

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