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Hot tapping used to create branch pipeline without shutdown

Client A Natural Gas Provider
Country India
Year February 2019
Service details

Unique Group’s specialist hot tapping equipment enables a connection to be made to a piping system or a vessel without shutdown or interruption to production.

Hot taps can be performed safely on most types of pipes, ranging from carbon steel to GRE. They can be carried out on systems containing oil, gas, fuel, steam, water and many other line mediums with pressures up to 1000 psig @ 100 Deg. F.

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Summary of the Project

Wellube team successfully helped a client make a 4” branch from a 12” main pipeline using hot tapping thus avoiding shutdown.

Client Requirement

The client approached Wellube with the requirement to create a 4” branch connection from the existing 12” Natural Gas pipeline with minimum interruption to a large number of clients using the existing pipeline. The location of the branch connection was in a heavy traffic area which added to the challenge.

Unique Solution delivered

Wellube after evaluating the client conditions performed in-service welding and hot tapping on the 12” natural gas pipeline in order to create a 4” tap off to connect the CNG Pump.

Wellube team chose this solution because it could be performed on the live pipeline in the shortest time, as the location for the branching was in a heavy traffic area and the shutdown of the pipeline was not a viable option.

Benefits delivered

  • Avoided shutdown of the pipeline
  • Quick solution with zero loss to the client
  • Completed the project within the timeframe
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