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62” X 4” Tee Enclosure Clamp Seals Leak with Zero Production Loss

Client Leading Petrochemical Company
Country Qatar
Service details A leak from a piping system during operation can lead to the escape of line medium into the atmosphere and, depending on the severity of the leak, it could lead to an unplanned & costly shutdown. Wellube maintains a stock of semi-finished clamps and our in-house online leak sealing manufacturing facilities enables us to provide a quick turnaround to arrest leaks with minimal loss of production and environmental impact. Our selection of specially formulated compounds is compatible with most line mediums & temperatures encountered in normal plant operations. To know more, get in touch with us at

Project Summary

Wellube successfully sealed a sea water leak in the Tee branch of a client pipeline using a 62” x 4” Tee enclosure.

Enclosure Clamp Seals LeakEnclosure Clamp Seals Leak

Parts of the clamp.

Client Requirement

The client had a leak in the Tee branch which they wanted to be sealed without affecting the production of the facility.

Solution Engineered

Based on the site conditions and measurements, our design team engineered a 62” x 4” Tee enclosure with strong back. We included a strong back to hold the original clamp on to the profile designed for the landing portion of the leaking 62” x 4” Tee, as this helps to hold the original clamp firmly without allowing any leak to pass after injection of the leak sealing compound. The clamp was manufactured within a span of 5 days and installed at the site within a 10-hour shift. The client was very pleased with our work as the project was completed without a shutdown. Enclosure Clamp Seals Leak

The complete clamp set up prior to installation.

Benefits Delivered

  • Avoided shutdown ensuring production continuity.
  • Quick and efficient solution.
  • Project managed it from end to end for the client.
  • Completely QHSE compliant.
  • Successful completion of the project within the client deadlines.
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