Wax-Tape® #1 Non-firming Anticorrosion Wrap for Belowground Use

Trenton’s Wax-Tape® #1 non-firming anticorrosion wrap provides long-lasting protection and is compatible with many types of materials such as steel, ductile iron and PVC.
It remains pliable and supports cathodic protection. Trenton’s Wax-Tape® #1 wrap is a widely used product in a variety of settings in the oil and gas, water and chemical industries.


Wax-Tape #1 wrap is composed of a blend of microcrystalline waxes, plasticisers and corrosion inhibitors saturated into a non-woven, non-stitch bonded synthetic fabric, forming a tape wrapper. They also contain no siliceous mineral fillers.

End Use:

For application on belowground metal surfaces, pipe or fittings to prevent corrosion.

    Self-firming Anticorrosion Wrap