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Wax-Tape® #1 Non-firming Anticorrosion Wrap for Belowground Use

Exploring WAX-TAPE® #1: An Effective Corrosion Shield for Below-Ground Applications by Wellube

The integrity of below-ground assets is critical in the world of industrial operations for guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and sustainability across numerous industries. These critical assets, however, are continually threatened by a secret adversary: rust. Corrosion can discreetly erode the structural integrity of underground pipelines, tanks, and infrastructure, resulting in costly repairs, environmental dangers, and operational disruptions.
Wellube offers a cutting-edge answer to this daunting challenge: WAX-TAPE® #1 Non-Firming Anti-Corrosion Wrap. This cutting-edge technology acts as a corrosion shield, providing exceptional protection for below-ground valuables. In this blog post, we will look at the major characteristics and benefits of WAX-TAPE® #1 and its critical role in protecting below-ground applications.
Let’s look at the importance of preserving below-ground assets against corrosion in various businesses. We’ll show you how Wellube’s WAX-TAPE® #1 Non-Firming Anti-Corrosion Wrap creates a dependable barrier against corrosive elements and preserves the longevity and integrity of below-ground assets. By the end of this blog article, you will understand the crucial importance of WAX-TAPE® #1 in maintaining the integrity of critical infrastructure and its position as a transformative corrosion prevention solution.

The Threat Of Corrosion in Below-Ground Assets

Thread leaks, condenser water failures, and fire sprinkler concerns are all frequent corrosion issues. The ten corrosion issues listed below are the most frequently brought to our notice among the many various types of corrosion events that might occur. Thread leaks and pinhole failures are clear by their presence, whereas corrosion under insulation and dry fire internal rust deposits require more proactive inspection.

Corrosion Effects on Below-Ground Assets

Corrosion in underground assets can have a variety of negative outcomes. Corrosion damages the metal structure of pipelines, increasing the danger of leaks and ruptures. This can lead to fluid loss, contamination of the environment, and costly clean-up activities. Corrosion in storage tanks can cause metal weakening, compromising structural integrity and potentially resulting in tank failure, catastrophic spills, and environmental disasters. Furthermore, infrastructure such as bridges and foundations can deteriorate due to rust, jeopardising their stability and creating safety risks to the public.

Factors contributing to corrosion in the below-ground environment.

A variety of variables contribute to corrosion in below-ground environments, rendering them especially vulnerable to this corrosive threat:
  • Dissolved salt content: Although the presence of water in soils allows for oxidation and, by extension, corrosion, the presence of dissolved salts can substantially speed the process. Chloride salts dissolved in water increase electrolyte conductivity and increase the number of electrolysis processes. Soils with chloride and sulphate levels less than 100 ppm and 200 ppm, respectively, are classified as slightly corrosive.
  • Temperature: The temperature of the atmosphere influences the resistivity of the soil. As the temperature drops, the soil’s resistivity rises, and thus the soil’s corrosive potential falls. When pore water freezes at 0°C (32°F), its resistivity rises dramatically. A following drop in temperature causes a nearly exponential increase in soil resistance. As a result, corrosion development is extremely improbable in subzero temperature conditions.
  • Soil Conditions: Soil pH levels range from 2.5 to 10, with values ranging from 2.5 to 10. A neutral pH of 7 is considered best for minimising corrosion in soils. Soils with pH values less than 5 are considered aggressive and can increase corrosion rates and early metal pitting. Because of environmental influences such as rainfall, the inherent pH of a specific soil can fluctuate.
  • Moisture: Soil resistivity is directly proportional to soil moisture content and soluble salt levels. Increased moisture content reduces soil resistivity. Sandy soils drain rapidly and are thus thought to be the least corrosive, whereas clayey coils hold electrolytes (moisture) and are thought to be on the higher end of the corrosive scale.

Introducing Wax-Tape® #1 Non-Firming Anti-Corrosion Wrap

Wellube’s WAX-TAPE® #1 is a unique non-firming anti-corrosion wrap designed to provide strong and long-lasting protection for below-ground assets. This cutting-edge technology provides a robust barrier against corrosion, protecting pipelines, tanks, and other infrastructure from the damaging effects of moisture, soil conditions, and corrosive materials found in underground locations.
  • 1. Advanced Technology for Corrosion Prevention: WAX-TAPE® #1 is developed with cutting-edge technology that blends the benefits of conventional wax-based coatings with current polymer ingredients to provide advanced corrosion prevention. This one-of-a-kind combination produces a very effective anti-corrosion wrap that adheres securely to the asset’s surface while providing a strong protective barrier.
  • 2. Unique compositions and properties: WAX-TAPE® #1 is designed to provide high corrosion protection in below-ground conditions. Its non-firming consistency is ensured by a blend of high-performance waxes and polymers, making it malleable and easy to apply on complex surfaces. Because of its flexibility, the wrap can fit tightly to unusual shapes, providing total coverage and protection. WAX-TAPE® #1 is also resistant to softening and melting at high temperatures, making it suitable for use in various climates and conditions. Its self-healing characteristics enable it to repair minor fractures and cracks, extending its lifespan and overall effectiveness.
  • 3. Forming a protective barrier: WAX-TAPE® #1’s primary goal is to build a dependable protective barrier between the asset and corrosive substances found in below-ground situations. The wrap sticks tenaciously to the asset’s surface upon application, limiting direct contact between the metal and corrosive substances such as moisture, soil, and chemicals.
Because the wrap is non-firming, it can fill holes and irregularities on the asset’s surface, leaving no exposed regions vulnerable to corrosion. This thorough coverage protects the asset, lowering the danger of structural degradation and potential leakage.
WAX-TAPE® #1 Non-Firming Anti-Corrosion Wrap significantly improves corrosion protection technology for subterranean assets. Its distinct composition, which combines classic waxes with modern polymers, and its self-healing qualities make it a highly effective and adaptable treatment. WAX-TAPE® #1 protects below-ground assets from corrosive influences by establishing a robust protective barrier, preserving their integrity, and prolonging their service life. The creation of WAX-TAPE® #1 demonstrates Wellube’s dedication to innovation and excellence, providing industries with a potent weapon to address the widespread threat of corrosion in below-ground environments.

Advantages of WAX-TAPE® #1 for Below-Ground Use

Wellube’s WAX-TAPE® #1 Non-Firming Anti-Corrosion Wrap has a number of important features that make it a favoured choice for shielding below-ground assets against corrosion. Let’s look at the advantages of employing WAX-TAPE® #1 and how it addresses the obstacles given by below-ground situations.
  • Long term effectiveness
  • Easy application
  • Tight adhesion to irregular surface
  • Comprehensive protection against corrosion
  • Cost-effective

Application of WAX-TAPE® #1 by Wellube

The application of WAX-TAPE® #1 by Wellube is a simple and quick technique that ensures comprehensive corrosion protection of below-ground assets. Let’s have a look at how to apply WAX-TAPE® #1 for excellent corrosion prevention:
1. Surface Preparation
The surface of the below-ground asset must be prepared as the initial stage in the application process. Wellube’s professionals completely clean the surface to remove any dirt, debris, or existing coatings that may interfere with the adhesion of the WAX-TAPE® #1. Surface preparation is essential for achieving a strong and long-lasting adhesion between the wrap and the asset’s surface.
2. Cut and unroll
Based on the dimensions of the asset, Wellube’s professionals precisely determine the needed length of WAX-TAPE® #1. The wrap is cut to the desired size using precise cutting tools and is ready for application. The WAX-TAPE® #1 is then unrolled and prepared for application to the asset.
3. Wrapping technique
Wrapping the chopped pieces around the asset in an overlapping pattern is how the WAX-TAPE® #1 is applied. The pros ensure that each layer overlaps the one before it, resulting in seamless and uniform coverage. This wrapping approach ensures that no exposed portions are left vulnerable to corrosion, protecting the asset’s whole surface.
4. Secure sealing
Wellube’s professionals maintain a solid and tight seal between the wrap layers to increase the effectiveness of WAX-TAPE® #1. Any joints, seams, or fittings are given special attention to ensure they are fully covered and protected. The tight seal keeps moisture and corrosive substances out of the protective barrier.
5. Self-healing properties
WAX-TAPE® #1 has self-healing qualities, which means that any tiny damages or punctures that occur during or after application can self-heal. The wrap’s self-healing capacity extends its lifespan and assures continual corrosion protection over time.
6. Quality inspection
When the treatment is finished, Wellube does a full quality inspection to guarantee that the wrap was applied accurately and securely. The examination ensures that there are no gaps or areas of insufficient coverage, providing the asset with effective corrosion protection.
Wellube’s use of WAX-TAPE® #1 for corrosion prevention in below-ground assets is methodical and meticulous. Wellube’s expertise ensures that every step is completed precisely, from surface preparation to wrapping method and secure sealing, ensuring the wrap’s efficiency in insulating the asset from the corrosive substances inherent in below-ground conditions. WAX-TAPE® #1 application provides industries with a robust and efficient solution for protecting vital infrastructure, extending its lifespan, and ensuring continuous performance in the face of corrosion threats.


Wellube’s WAX-TAPE® #1 Non-Firming Anti-Corrosion Wrap emerges as a game-changer in the fight against corrosion, providing a slew of benefits that make it a superior solution for below-ground assets. Its long-term effectiveness, ease of application, tight adhesion to uneven surfaces, and comprehensive corrosion protection make it a dependable solution for industries looking to maintain the integrity and lifespan of their vital infrastructure.
WAX-TAPE® #1’s unique formulation, which combines high-performance waxes and polymers, ensures a non-firming consistency that remains malleable over time, protecting below-ground assets from the corrosive forces of the environment. Its ability to construct a self-healing barrier that repairs minor damage improves its overall durability and performance.
Industries can benefit from a cost-effective corrosion prevention solution by using WAX-TAPE® #1, lowering maintenance costs and ensuring the continuous operation of their assets. Its ease of use and secure sealing technique reduces installation downtime, providing for efficient protection of below-ground assets and faster resumption of activities.

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