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Online Leak Sealing and its Importance

Online Leak Seal is a sought-after flow management integrity service as it helps companies proactively solve the issues of leakages in the transmission lines. The oil and gas industry runs heavily on pipelines spread across geographical locations and maintenance of these assets is a huge responsibility for the owners. Pipelines are prone to leaks and faults due to corrosion, external factors, old age of the asset, and many other reasons. It is a priority for customers to rectify these leaks as soon as possible with minimum interruption to the operation of the asset. In these scenarios, Wellube offers clients online leak sealing services which have been proven effective across the petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, gas distribution, and nuclear industries. In this blog, we discuss about the service and the benefits of choosing it for your projects. leak seal

How is Online Leak Seal performed on the pipelines?

The first step is to identify the point of the leak, following which our experienced technical team will visit the site to take the required field dimensions and leak assessment. Following this, our Engineering and Design team will design a clamp or enclosure based on the field dimensions and in accordance with ASME SEC VIII Div.1 to seal the defect area. Once completed, the clamp/enclosure is manufactured according to the industry standards and installed at the project site. The last step is to inject a suitable sealant into the clamp to stop the leak. leak seal

Online Leak Seal and Its Benefits

Online leak seal offers numerous benefits to various industries as it is an effective repairing solution. Here are a few key ones:
  • Repairs pipelines without downtime
Online Leak sealing is a perfect solution that can seal leaks while under continuous pressure to avoid costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime. This leads to huge cost savings for the client.
  • Reduces oil spills to prevent the environment
The spilling of oil and hazardous material is another concern as it can impact the environment as well as lead to legal issues. Online leak sealing can be a prompt solution to tackle leakages and reduce the occurrence of oil spills while ensuring environmental compliance.
  • Mitigates the risk of hazard
The pipelines may transmit oil and gas which are hazardous if exposed to an external environment. In such cases, online leak sealing can be performed to protect the transmission medium from getting exposed. It can eliminate the risk of hazards and prevent pipelines from an explosion or a biohazard. leak seal
  • Extend the service life of pipelines and components
Online leak sealing is a reliable maintenance solution that is quite proactive and helps in extending the service life of pipelines. This type of sealing is quite reliable and can work for longer tenures without the need to replace the components.
  • Maintains pipeline integrity
It can be performed without compromising the material integrity of the pipeline. It protects the pipeline integrity and ensures that sealing doesn’t get compromised.


Online leak sealing is one of the cost-effective methods of repairing which can be applied to weld joints, tee’s, couplings, flanges, elbows, expansion joints, pipes, and valves. For clients as the replacement of pipelines will be a costly exercise, online leak sealing is the best solution to repair defects in the pipeline system and ensure a long life for the asset without the need for pipeline replacement. Want to know how we can provide leak sealing for your infrastructure? Contact us at

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