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Wellube Successfully Completes Under Pressure Leak Sealing Project For ADGAS

The Wellube brand effectively performed the On-Line Steam Leak Sealing project for Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefication Company (ADGAS). The service was performed on the 2.4 meters OD heat exchanger flange leak along the pipeline. It’s design parameters were 434 degrees Celsius at 60 bar.

ADGAS established in 1973, was the first LNG production company in the Middle East and North Africa region. It is known as a clean energy producer with a long history of reliability, expertise, and a long-established tradition of environmental awareness and concern. As of late, ADGAS is actively involved in the Offshore Associated Gas project and the Integrated Gas Development project, to be a stalwart in the national energy strategy of the UAE.

Above: Ring Clamp Machining

The engineering team at Wellube designed and manufactured a four-piece ring clamp with a total weight of 3.14 tons. The flange gap measurements were taken after the clamp was mobilized to the site. The clamp lip was then machined to the exact size using the in-situ machining technology. Once the clamp was installed, 150 gallons of sealant was injected to fill the void creating an effective seal.

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Above: Four-Piece Ring Clamp Machining

The entire operation was carried out in close coordination with ADGAS policies and procedures. The work was delivered with the highest level of competence, dedication, and zeal to help ADGAS with the most viable solution and mitigate the high-temperature leak.

Mr. Hassan Taher, Vice President – Plant Maintenance at ADGAS, congratulated the Wellube team on successful completion of the project and for providing the best solution to reduce the high-pressure leak, “Completing the work on-line, Wellube has made an extremely valuable contribution to the smooth running of the plant and avoided a costly shutdown. We would like to thank Wellube for mobilizing the service at a short notice and accomplishing the task on time.”

Sahil Gandhi, Director at Wellube commented, “Our Wellube brand is widely recognized as a leader in the provision of on-site engineering services. As a world-renowned brand, we work to provide the most cost-effective solution to our customers. We have been fortunate to work with ADGAS to help resolve the leakage with the utmost precision and efficiency.”

Wellube provides comprehensive Under Pressure Leak Sealing services both efficiently and cost-effectively, with our skilled engineering team repairing pipeline leakages and pressure vessel systems without any interruption to production. Wellube is committed to keeping up with the ever-competitive market and uses the latest non-destructive repair methods ensuring any unlikely damage to the service equipment is kept to an absolute minimum.

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