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Wellube Completes Pipe Freezing Project at Burj Khalifa

Wellube, represented by the Wellube brand, has successfully completed a Pipe Freezing project at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building and the tallest structure globally.

The scope of work involved the isolation of 12” chilled water lines by the pipe-freezing method to replace a faulty valve on a 25-bar line. The process enabled the client to run the other part of the cooling plant without any interruption.

Pipe freezing project is a proven isolation technique used to modify pipelines, replace defective valves, or add new ones. The technique eliminates the need for expensive fluid discharging and recharging and minimises system shutdown time.

Wellube’s also offers pipeline services such as Hot Tapping & Line Stopping, On-Site Machining, Under Pressure Leak Sealing, On-Line Valve Maintenance, among many others.

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