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The Women of Wellube: Meet Michelle Montano, Operations Coordinator

This International Women’s Day in line with the theme of this year ‘Break The Bias’, we will be recognising and featuring the women at Wellube who are breaking stereotypes and paving their path in this industry.
This week, get to know Michelle Montano. She handles the role of Operations Coordinator at our UAE office. Her responsibilities include handling mobilisation for projects, completing the manpower overtime sheets as well as procurement and invoicing
We had a chat with her to get to know more about her experience, interests and her advice to young women.

How many years have you been in the industry?

2.3 years

How many years have you been with Unique Group?

2.3 years

What made you choose this industry?

I chose this industry because I felt it will help me grow professionally. I also like being a part of the team and learning more about the solutions Wellube offers.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like handling my work pressure with a smile and enjoy the sense of fulfilment I get after completing my work deadlines. I have also learned to be more flexible at work.

Tell us about a key achievement in your professional career?

Initially, my job (Operations Coordinator Wellube) involved interacting with clients for manpower mobilisation. Recently, I was given the opportunity to handle manpower timesheets, procurement and invoicing. This is a key achievement for me as I now have a good understanding of the workflow.

What are your other interests outside of your job?

Baking, cooking, watching documentaries & movies and taking care of my family.

If you had to share some words of encouragement for women entering this industry today, what would they be?

Be humble, be kind and respect others. Love your work and be passionate about it, don’t be afraid of challenges. Be grateful for those who supported you and helped you grow yourself. Always remember that it is not what you achieve but what you overcame that defines your career.

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