Engineered Flange Weld Testers for a specific, appropriate and safe applications

Our Flange Weld Testers provide accurate localised pressure testing of new flange welds – a key benefit during pipeline modifications and old pipework repairs.

That’s because they only test the new weld and not the whole system. Pressure testing of an old line can lead to confusing results given the potential for other leak paths, particularly on lots of other fittings. Specially angled testers are also available for flanges fitted on bends.

Use of the tool minimises the test system limits and reduces the time required to undertake maintenance or modification work. Typically supplied with a patented Posi-Seal, the Weld Testers can also be supplied with patented ‘tyre’-type seals, ideal for testing when ovality and heavy pitting of the pipeline need to be overcome.

A full range of standard Flange Weld Testers is available in sizes up to 36”, compatible with common pipe schedules and flange configurations up to Class 2500. They can be custom designed to suit the specific application for higher pipe sizes, with the option of hydraulic and mechanical actuation.

Key Features

  • Reduced plant operation downtime and consequent revenue stream constraints
  • Reduced modification of labour time
  • Fast, easy installation and testing
  • Faster pipe repairs and retrofits
  • Improved Seal-to-Pipe Clearance: Plug can be easily installed and removed, even where there is severe weld protrusion
  • Low water requirements resulting in less wastewater.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction
  • Versatile: Seal and washer set easily change to accommodate different pipe schedules

    Flange Weld Testers