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High Pressure Gas Leak Sealed Online with a 42” Enclosure Clamp

Leak Sealed Online
Client Leading National Oil Company
Country UAE
Service details A leak from a piping system during operation can lead to the escape of line medium into the atmosphere and, depending on the severity of the leak, it could lead to an unplanned & costly shutdown. Wellube maintains a stock of semi-finished clamps and our in-house manufacturing facilities enables us to provide a quick turnaround to arrest leaks with minimal loss of production and environmental impact. Our selection of specially formulated compounds is compatible with most line mediums & temperatures encountered in normal plant operations. To know more, get in touch with us at

Project Summary

Wellube successfully sealed a gas leak on a 42” pipeline operating at 45 bar with a 42” enclosure clamp and zero interruption to production.

Leak Sealed Online

The clamp being tested at the workshop

Client Requirement

The client approached us with an urgent requirement to arrest a gas leak from the elbow clamp installed on a 2” drain line which is connected to a 42” main header. They wanted Wellube to provide a solution which will seal the leak without production loss.

Challenges Faced

  • There was high ovality in the pipe which our team had forecasted to present challenges during installation and sealing, to overcome this our design team proactively designed and manufactured the clamp with independent sets of packing and sealing grooves.

Solution Engineered

Wellube team after discussing with the client and assessing the situation, recommended online leak sealing as the preferred repair solution. Based on the site requirements and considering the high ovality of the pipe, our design team engineered a 3 piece 42” enclosure clamp. It was manufactured according to ASME standards and weighed around 3 Ton. A support system was also designed to hold up the clamp weight and retain the clamp in a certain orientation to accommodate the 2” drain line. The clamp was fabricated within a very short time frame and once in situ, it was successfully installed. This was followed by the injection of sealants to seal off the leak completely. The project was safely and successfully implemented allowing the continuous operation of the line without a costly shutdown. The client was pleased with the competence and dedication of the Wellube team to provide the best solution to mitigate the high-pressure gas leak. Leak Sealed Online

The installed clamp

Benefits Delivered

  • Completed the project within schedule
  • Avoided shutdown ensuring production continuity
  • Quick and efficient solution
  • Achieved 100% seal on the line.
  • Fully HSEQ compliant
Leak Sealed Online

The clamp after manufacturing in the workshop

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