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Choose Versatile Composite Repair Solutions to Extend the Life of Your Pipelines

Composite repairs help pipelines to regain their efficiency and extend their lifespan by restoring the losses caused by corrosion and various other factors. This blog will give you an overview of composite repair and its numerous benefits.

Pipelines are lifelines to the oil and gas industry as they are widely used to transport various types of materials. It is crucial that these pipelines are operated in excellent condition to avoid operational interruption and production losses.
During the lifecycle of these pipelines, they are prone to faults, ruptures, leakages, corrosion, etc. The ageing and degradation of pipeline systems incur a huge cost to the organisations due to the complexity of repairing them. Since battling corrosion is a big challenge for the oil and gas industry, various mechanisms have been developed to combat it in an efficient manner.

Composite Repair: Solution for Corrosion-Free Fixtures in Pipelines

There are various mechanisms available to rectify pipeline challenges such as repairing them or replacing these pipelines (which include welding and metallic repairs). The downside of these fixtures is that they are very prone to corrosion and might also require repetitive maintenance. However, while looking for alternative solutions for pipeline repair, the composite repair is one of the efficient ways to help pipelines regain their strength without the risk of corrosion.

Composite Repair products are one such solution that can fix the pipeline damage using composite materials without the need to perform welding operations. These materials are made of resin, reinforcement fabric and polymeric matrix, which makes it a strong solution to strengthen the pipelines to function in a usual manner.

Applications of Composite Repair to Regain Life of Pipelines

Here are a few instances when the composite repair can be used to repair the pipelines:

  • For conditions related to external corrosion, the composite repair will restore the pipeline without further worsening the impacts helping it to regain its life back.
  • To restore structural integrity caused due to faults and damages like- dents, fretting at pipe supports and gouges
  • To reduce the impact of internal material loss and improve the life of metallic pipelines without replacing it.
  • To repair difficult pipeline geometries.

Increase Life of Pipelines: Composite Repair is the Durable Solution

The oil and gas pipelines carry various products and are also exposed to different climatic conditions which affect the integrity of the pipelines resulting in corrosion leading to rupture and leakages. Composite repairs can be used to repair such damages quickly as it does not require welding or fabrication such as those of metallic materials.
To understand the durability of pipeline repairing solutions, the material used in the repair and its quality determine the life of the repair. It is also important to ensure that the correct surface preparation is carried out prior to product installation
In terms of the bonding and strength that composite repair offers, it uses various components and materials that are best in terms of adhesive qualities and corrosion resistance properties which makes it a desired solution to repair pipelines.
The composite repair is designed per the guidelines of international ASME/ANSI and ISO standards, making it perfect for use in extensive and complex pipeline systems of the oil and gas industry.

Summarising the benefits of Composite Repairs

The composite repair method is a pipe repair system specifically designed for depressurized pipe repair applications on a number of piping materials. It also has the geometric flexibility to repair joints, tees, couplings, pinholes, and cracks. It is heat resistant and easy to install, thus saving time and cost.
Composite repair helps the pipeline regain its original state and strength, ensuring optimal performance to transmit various materials.
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