Chilled Water Line Isolated Using 16” Single Position Pipe Freezing


Chilled Water Line Isolated Using 16” Single Position Pipe Freezing

Chilled Water Line Isolated Using 16” Single Position Pipe Freezing
Client Leading district cooling company
Country Qatar
Service details Pipe freezing can be used to isolate a line to install new valves, diversion of pipes and rectify damaged sections of pipe. It eliminates the need for expensive fluid discharging and recharging whilst minimising system shutdown time. In addition, it reduces the resources needed for the repair and modification work. The methodology can freeze on pipe sizes varying from ¼ “to 24” and the freeze plug can be maintained for as long as is required.

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Project Summary

Wellube team safely executed qty 2 off 16” Single Position Pipe Freezing to isolate a chilled water line operating at a line temperature between 5.3 degree C to 10.3 degree C and at 5 bar pressure, for a prestigious client to perform their maintenance activities.

The centre point is the ice plug which was formed after 3 hours of constant feeding of Liquid Nitrogen

Client Requirement

As part of the client’s maintenance activities, they wanted to install a new butterfly valve and expansion joint in their pipeline. The customer wanted to execute these installations without affecting the operation of the plant, Wellube after understanding the requirements suggested pipe freezing as the best solution for the client to isolate the pipeline.

Challenges Faced

  • We had to install the freezing aluminium jacket which was 1.2 meters long and 16’’ diameter in the restricted space. However due to the limited space for excavation, we handled it with a unique professional hook up method.
  • Sea water levels had to be maintained from time to time, as it was critical that the sea water does not come in contact with the freezing jacket. To facilitate it, constant dewatering was performed.

The team successfully managed these challenges and completed the project within the client deadline.

Solution Engineered

Wellube team successfully isolated the chilled water line on which the maintenance activities had to be performed by executing two 16” single position pipe freezing. The line was operating between 5.3 degree C to 10.3 degree C and 5 bar pressure.

Zero flow was maintained for 4 hours to ensure the completion of the maintenance work, liquid Nitrogen required for the pipe freeze ice plug was calculated and monitored continuously by the Wellube team to ensure smooth operation for the client.

The client was really pleased with the quality of Wellube’s project delivery and has recommended our services to their other facilities.

Pipe freezing in progress

Benefits Delivered

    • Ideal solution for the confined location of the pipeline
    •  Project completed before the client deadline
    • Cost effective and quick solution
    • Fully QHSE compliant
    • Executed the project with no downtime for the plant