36” Crude Oil Line Isolated Using Line Stopping

Wellube completed line plugging on a 36”150# crude oil line through inline tee to provide isolation during shut down to cold cut and replace the existing section of the pipeline.

62” X 4” Tee Enclosure Clamp Seals Leak with Zero Production Loss

Wellube successfully sealed a sea water leak in the Tee branch of a client pipeline using a 62” x 4” Tee enclosure.

Flare Line Leak Sealed Online with a 24” Large Enclosure Clamp

Wellube successfully repaired a flare line with multiple sections of corrosion using a 2.9m long 24” enclosure clamp, with zero interruption to production.

High Pressure Gas Leak Sealed Online with a 42” Enclosure Clamp

Wellube successfully sealed a gas leak on a 42” pipeline operating at 45 bar with a 42” enclosure clamp and zero interruption to production.

Steam Leak on an Exchanger Flange Sealed with a 6-part 2m Ring Clamp

Wellube successfully sealed a steam leak on an exchanger with a 2-meter ring clamp with no interruption to production.  

Diamond Wire Saws used for Platform Decommissioning in KSA

Wellube supplied a range of Diamond Wire Saws (16” to 30” and 26” to 60”) along with experienced personnel to a major EPC company to complete platform decommissioning in KSA.

2” Line Stopping Completed with Barrel Split Tee

Wellube successfully performed 2” hot tap and line stop for an instrument line and nitrogen line to assist the client in repairing of the damaged line.

20” Hot Tap Operation Performed on a Spiral Wound Chilled Water Pipe

Wellube completed a 20” hot tap operation with a customised couple reinforcement solution on a 38” chilled water line for a petroleum refinery in Egypt.

Chilled Water Line Isolated Using 16” Single Position Pipe Freezing

Wellube team safely executed qty 2 off 16” Single Position Pipe Freezing to isolate a chilled water line operating at a line temperature between 5.3 degree C to 10.3 degree C and at 5 bar pressure, for a prestigious client to perform their maintenance .activities.

On-line Sealing of Wellhead Master Valve Flange Leak

The clamp was successfully installed at the site and a Sealant Compound was injected into the flange cavity

Wax-Tape® Anticorrosion Wrap System Installed for 23 Jetty Piles

The clamp was successfully installed at the site and a Sealant Compound was injected into the flange cavity

Critical Natural Gas Leak Sealed on a 24” Electrically Insulated Flange

The clamp was successfully installed at the site and a Sealant Compound was injected into the flange cavity

48” Hot Tap on Drinking Water Pipeline Successfully Completed with Zero Interruption to Supply

Performed hot tap operation on a 48” ductile iron water pipeline to install new connections.

32” Line Stop With Bypass For Butterfly Valve Installation On A Gas Flare Line

Completed a double position line stop operation on a 32” gas flare.

Gate valve replaced using customised mechanical head in a fire water cement line

Hot tapping and line stopping was performed with a customised mechanical head.

Energy Optimisation Project Successfully Completed using On-Line Valve Insertion for Pipe Isolation Without Shutdown

Successfully completed energy efficiency measures on a major infrastructure in the UAE.

Wellube Performs High Pressure Gate Valve Milling on Wellheads to Regain Access into Annulus

Wellube helped the client restore production with minimal downtime.

Customised Pipeline Clamp Avoids Operational Disruption

Wellube successfully completed online sealing of 68” expansion bellow sea water leak in Abu Dhabi.

Platform Leg Decommissioning Completed in 7 Months

Wellube performed decommissioning of several assets on the offshore platforms of a leading asset owner.

Line Stopping Used to Change Leaking Valve with Zero Interruption to Production in Nigeria

Successfully completed a 10” and 12” double position line stop operation in Nigeria.

20” Chilled Water Line Isolated Successfully Using Pipe Freezing in Oman

Simultaneous double position pipe freezing performed on 20” chilled water lines in Muscat.

Hot tapping used to create branch pipeline without shutdown

Wellube completed a 4” branch from a 12” main pipeline using hot tapping without shutdown.

68” Enclosure Clamp ensures continuous plant operability

Continuous plant operability managed by performing online leak sealing on a 68” pipe flange.

66” water line hot tapped in 36 hours

Successfully performed line stopping and hot tapping on a live 66″ cooling water line.

Specialised pipeline clamp avoids pipeline disruption

Specialist pipeline leak clamp designed & delivered to avoid costly production disruption for client.

18” Water Pipeline isolated by Pipe freezing

Double position pipe-freezing performed as a line Stopping solution for a leading chilled water provider.