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Wax-Tape® HT-3000 High-Temperature Anticorrosion Wrap

Wax-Tape® HT-3000 High-Temperature Anticorrosion Wrap- An Eco-Friendly Solution from Wellube

Wax-Tape® HT-3000 high-temperature anticorrosion wraps are specially designed to protect metal pipes and fixtures against corrosion when exposed to elevated temperatures. Applying wrap for durable corrosion protection to bare or coated surfaces in a wide range of field conditions is easy when combined with Trenton 3000 premier.
Wax-Tape HT-3000 wrap is designed for aboveground and below-ground applications and can withstand continuous operation temperatures of up to 230°F (110°C).

Features of Wax-Tape® HT-3000

Easy to use
  • Easy and quick t apply, with less equipment requirement.
  • Can be applied to surface with minimal preparation.
  • It can be applied in high moisture conditions.
  • This can be during in-service temperature.
  • No cure time- immediately ready after application.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Trenton’s Wax-Tape® anticorrosion wrap systems have proven to be effective in the field for over three decades.
  • Can be utilised both above and below ground (UV resistant).
  • High dielectric strength and resistance to acid, salts, and other soil organics over a wide pH range.
  • Outstanding resistance to cathodic disbondment.

The application procedure for Wax-tape

The application procedure includes:
  • Surface Preparation: Make sure the surface to be coated with WAX-TAPE® HT-3000 is clean, dry, and free of any dirt, grease, oil, or other impurities that may interfere with adherence.
  • Unroll the Tape: Begin by unrolling the roll of WAX-TAPE® HT-3000. Ensure you have enough tape to cover the specified area without excessive stretching or overlapping.
  • Application Temperature: For the suggested application temperature, consult the manufacturer’s instructions. For optimum application and adhesion, wax-based tapes frequently require a specified temperature range.
  • Wrapping the surface: Wrap the WAX-TAPE® HT-3000 around the surface or pipe that has to be protected or sealed. To provide a continuous and secure covering, ensure that each wrap slightly overlaps the previous one.
  • Molding and smoothing: Mould and smooth the tape after wrapping to remove any air pockets or voids that may have occurred during the application.
  • Optimal heat application: Some wax-based tapes may necessitate the use of heat to activate the wax and create a stronger binding. If you need to apply heat to the WAX-TAPE® HT-3000, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Moisture: Inspect the application: After wrapping is complete, inspect the coated surface for any gaps or anomalies. Make certain that the entire area is well-covered and sealed.
  • Pressure application: Wrap the tape with moderate pressure to ensure strong adherence between layers and correct contouring to the shape of the surface.
  • Finishing: Trim off the excess tape to have a tidy finish.
Hence these are the general application procedure for underground applications with Wax-Tape® #1 or #2 anticorrosion coverings. Overwrap using Wax-Tape #2 self-firming wrap for aboveground applications. Overwrap with Wax-Tape HT-3000 high-temperature anticorrosion wrap for higher temperatures.

Why choose Wellube?

“Wellube” is a professional service provider that provides effective services relating to the application or use of WAX-TAPE® HT-3000. In general, service providers such as Wellube may supply the following:
  • 1. Product Expertise: Wellube or other comparable service providers should be well-versed in WAX-TAPE® HT-3000, its features, and its intended uses. They can offer suggestions and guidance on how to use the product efficiently.
  • 2. Application service: We offer professional application services, ensuring that the WAX-TAPE® HT-3000 is correctly and efficiently applied to the desired surfaces or equipment.
  • 3. Quality assurance: Service providers such as Wellube may perform quality assurance inspections to ensure that the WAX-TAPE® HT-3000 is applied correctly and satisfies the relevant standards.
  • 3. On-Site Support: Wellube may give on-site support during the application process, depending on the scale of the project, to ensure that everything runs well.
  • 5. Compliance and Safety: Wellube may follow industry standards and safety recommendations to guarantee that WAX-TAPE® HT-3000 is applied safely and in accordance with regulations.
  • 6. Maintenance and repairs: Some service providers may provide wax-based tape maintenance and repair services, thereby extending the product’s lifespan and effectiveness.
Hence Wellube is a one-roof solution that offers their services for WAX-TAPE® HT-3000; you may contact Wellube directly to learn more about their services, knowledge, and how they can help you with your individual needs.

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