Wellube Successfully Completes Line Stopping Job In Qatar


Wellube Successfully Completes Line Stopping Job in Qatar

Wellube Successfully Completes Line Stopping Job in Qatar

Wellube’s in Qatar recently completed a line stopping project in downtown Doha’s busy financial district for Qatar Cool Westbay division. The job involved the isolation of 30” cooling water lines at three locations to enable defective piping and valves to be replaced. This has been the largest line stopping operation undertaken by Qatar Cool Westbay division to date.

Wellube provided customised line stopping fittings in accordance with the required design costs. The hot tap and line stop procedure was completed with the support of NASCO who aided the operation. The project was completed in three days per location.
The project was executed under safe operations and helped keep the Westbay area cool without interruption to the critical cooling systems. As the operations were located in the middle of the main transit roads around Westbay, there were diversions in traffic but these were necessary in order to repair the system back to its specification.

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