Extend the life of your offshore platform through Wellube's Slot Recovery

Wellube, in partnership with Mactech, offers slot recovery services that extend the production, life, and value of your offshore platforms and processing equipment. Slot recovery offers operators a way of capitalising on existing assets and is often less costly than exploration, plug, and abandonment (P&A).

With decades of slot recovery and structure decommissioning, Wellube has devised cost-effective and streamlined solutions to challenging platform infrastructure. Our slot recovery process is supported by an extensive set of rigless conductor recovery services that have been used with successful and cost-effective results across the globe.

Wellube also offers Conductor Removal services for your Slot Recovery or Abandonment project. We use a Diamond Wire Saw to cut the conductor off to recover the conductor and install a whipstock. Once divers finished installing the Diamond Wire Saw and conductors are removed, a Dual Pin Drill is used to make holes for inserting a lifting pin. Next, a Diamond Wire Saw is used to sever the conductor. The severed conductor pieces are lifted away and moved to a staging area or materials barge for transportation. The operation is then repeated until the entire conductor sting is recovered and an empty slot is left for a new well to be drilled.

Tools include:

  • Diamond Wire Saw
  • Steel Lifting Pins
  • Dual Pin Drill

    slot recovery service

    slot recovery service