Finish strong with safe, reliable and seamless abandonment solutions

Wellube, in partnership with Mactech, offers integrated abandonment solutions that simplify the decommissioning process. Our safe and fit-for-purpose approach to every decommissioning project is rooted in our deep understanding of the challenges and issues facing offshore decommissioning projects.

Our dedicated abandonment specialists take you through all phases, from initial review to contingency planning, compliance, engineering, project implementation, and final abandonment.

Safe and economical underwater tools and machinery

Wellube products are designed and manufactured to cut a wide range of materials and structures and are ideally suited for underwater deployment by either ROV or diver operations. In addition to an extensive supply of tools and machinery, we can bring our expertise to inform your choice of appropriate equipment for a project or task. We believe equipment for abandonment operations must provide economic efficiencies and advantages while focusing on personnel and environmental safety.

Minimise risk, reduce the contractual burden, and generate value through Wellube’s innovative and effective offshore platform and structure decommissioning management.