High Pressure Plugs designed for installation and application in a matter of minutes

Our High-Pressure Plugs are commonly used to provide reliable and simple isolation of pipework systems in support of inspection, maintenance and modification work on oil, gas and petrochemical infrastructure.

The Grip-lock and Posi-seal ™ technologies ensure that pipework isolations can be undertaken safely.

Frequently deployed during maintenance and modification of piping and process equipment – including the provision of hydrostatic pressure testing without the need for flanges/blind flanges – High-Pressure Plugs can save you time, materials and labour.

They are designed for installation and application in a matter of minutes, and to ensure that every orientation of pipework is easily accommodated without the need for special tools.

A full range of standard High-Pressure Plugs is available up to 30” Class 1500 for immediate delivery, complete with pressure test reports, worldwide. We also design, manufacture and test to client requirement up to Class 2500. They can be custom designed to suit the specific application for higher pipe sizes with the option of hydraulic and mechanical actuation.

Key features

  • Eliminates the need to weld caps or flanges to carry out a leak test
  • Simple, straightforward installation and operation
  • Installed and activated in a matter of minutes
  • Large section high-quality seals ensure a leak-tight seal, even in corroded pipework
  • Designed with generous radial clearance to cope with typical internal obstructions such as weld bends and ovality
  • Easily installed pre-hot work operations to provide a verified vapour barrier
  • Suitable for use with most test mediums
  • Robust construction ensures years of trouble-free operation even in the harshest environments
  • Suitable for installation in horizontal, vertical and inclined piping

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