2 in 1 solution with Wellube's Dual Tool

Our dual tool provides hydrocarbon-free isolation while conducting hot work modifications to pipework – and subsequently, pressure tests a new weld.

The Dual Tool concept incorporates an annulus 6” long between the two seal tyres. It’s a feature that provides for a double block and bleeds feature to be incorporated to provide a verified vapour barrier. It is also designed with a central vent port through which potential gases can be safely vented or analysed.

Once energised, it has three very effective seals and is also designed to withstand a differential pressure of 5 barg. A full range of standard Dual Tools is available up to 36”.

Key Features

  • Independently inflated tyre seals
  • Designed to withstand 5 barg differential pressure
  • Vent port for pressure monitoring and safe venting
  • Three effective barriers
  • Front and rear tyre inflation pressure 15 barg
  • The internal annulus can be pressurised to 30 barg
  • Easily installed and operated
  • Designed with generous radial clearance to cope with typical internal obstructions such as weld bends and ovality
  • Temporary isolation protection for hot work repairs
  • Conducts isolation and weld testing combined

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