Specialised Leak Sealing

Leak Sealing is the process of sealing pressurized leaks while under continuous pressure to avoid costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime.

Wellube has been successfully sealing leaks operating pressure and temperature, ranging from vacuum to 400 bar and from -60°C to 600°C.

Some of the typical applications are:

Valve Packing

This is the most common application for under pressure leak sealing services for many reasons. Valve packing can be repacked on-line very quickly and economically without shutdown or having to isolate the valve itself. The sealant used to seal these leaks is very similar to the original packing material supplied from the valve manufacturer and will not harden or ruin the valve. Some common applications for these valve-packing repairs are steam, superheated steam, water, condensate, chemical, vacuum, air, or almost any process

Flange Joint Leaks

There are many different ways of achieving a seal on a flange depending on the gap between flanges and also temperature and pressure. For flange gaps below 6mm, a wire insert technique is normally performed. This process is excellent for low-pressure leaks. Since almost all flanges are built to standard sizes, a two-piece flange clamp can be installed and then injected to arrest the leak. Standard size Flange Clamps for sizes ½” thru 24”, class 150#, 300#, and 600# rated flanges are normally stocked for a quick turnaround response time to meet client emergency requirements. Clamps for other sizes can normally be designed and manufactured in less than 24 hours. The same techniques can be used for Heat Exchanger Joints, Turbine Joints, etc.

Elbow Leaks

Wellube designs and manufactures Elbow Box Clamps, to suit the pipe configurations. The sealing method can be either an injectable groove or the Wellube developed a combination seal.

Weld Leaks / Pinholes

Straight-Line Box Clamps are used regularly to repair these leaks. Manufactured to the required pipe sizes, these are installed and injected very quickly to eliminate your leak problems. Variations of these include T-Box clamps for sealing Tees, Reducer (Concentric/eccentric) Box Clamps and even clamps that encapsulate and seal pipes combined with fittings, flanges, valves, etc.

Other frequent operations covered by this service include Pipe Crimping to kill lines, Sealing of Screwed Couplings, Ball Valve Seals, Wellhead Pack-Off areas, Resin Injection of clamp annulus for reinforcing corroded/pitted line & wall thinning.

    specialised leak sealing