Our distinctive on-line flushing, lubricating, and sealing service represents a simple proposition: cost-effective care for your valves.

It’s a unique maintenance service that’s delivered without having to close the valve. It involves the on-line flushing of valves to remove old lubricant/sealant and hydrocarbon deposits and the subsequent injection of specially formulated lubricants to enhance and protect your valves – and provide many years of extended trouble-free service.

Our staff of fully trained and qualified supervisors and technicians can deliver the service offshore or onshore, on pipelines, refineries, crude oil terminals, LNG, and desalination plants.

In the unlikely event your valves are passing (in the closed position), Wellube possesses the expertise and technology to seal them using special sealants in conjunction with our conventional leak sealing methods. It means normal operations can continue until a planned shutdown when the valve can be taken out for repair or replacement.

There are two service options:

  • Short term: The valve is flushed with our liquid flush, followed by injection of our synthetic valve lubricant/sealant. Besides lubricating your valve, in most cases, this will also seal the valve until a planned shutdown to enable the valve to be replaced.
  • Long term:  A tailor-made preventative maintenance program, based on individual needs, operating parameters, and valve operation frequency. It can be set up for you to operate on a planned routine basis or delivered by our team of experienced service engineers.

    On-Line Valve Flushing, Lubrication and Sealing