ThermoWrap®500 is a factory-saturated, custom-engineered composite repair system compatible with temperatures reaching 500°F (260°C). NRI’s patented factory-saturation process ensures the right fibre-to-resin content ratios are achieved.

By eliminating the need for field saturation, this product can be applied faster and more efficiently on pipes with elevated operating and design temperatures. ThermoWrap 500 has been tested in accordance with ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1


  • Repairs at extreme temperatures
  • Flare lines, blow down lines, steam piping, chemical processing lines
  • Girth welds, elbows, tees


  • Qualified at extreme temperatures
  • Factory-saturated, no mixing required
  • Design conforms to ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISO TS24817, DOT, API, and CSA Z662 standards for nonmetallic reinforcing and repair