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Learn more about the flange facing operation

Flange Facing

Our flange facing services help prevent the issue of lost seals between flanges.

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Pipe Freezing-thumbnail

Understanding Pipe Freezing and its benefits

Cryogenic pipe freezing services is a method by which pressure-resistant plugs are formed by freezing the contents, using an externally applied coolant in liquid-filled pipes. One of the most secure and cost-effective method for temporary pipe isolation is pipe freezing (cryogenics). It is…

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service engineer

Life at Wellube: Meet Aldrin Francis, Service Engineer

In this blog, you will get to know more about Aldrin Francis who handles the role of Service Engineer in Qatar.

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project engineer

Life at Wellube: Meet Midhun George, Project Engineer

In this blog, we get to know more about Midhun George who handles the role Project Engineer in the UAE.

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leak seal

Online Leak Sealing and its Importance

In this blog, we explore the importance of online leak sealing and its benefits.

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Operations Coordinator

The Women of Wellube: Meet Michelle Montano, Operations Coordinator

In this blog, we get to know more about Michelle Montano who is handling the role of Operations Coordinator at our UAE office.

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