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20” Chilled Water Line Isolated Successfully Using Pipe Freezing in Oman

Client Cheqpoint
Country Muscat, Oman.
Year 2019
Service details

Pipe freezing in Oman can be used to isolate a line to install new valves, diversion of pipes and rectify damaged sections of pipe. It eliminates the need for expensive fluid discharging and recharging whilst minimising system shutdown time.  In addition, it reduces the resources needed for the repair and modification work.

The methodology can freeze on pipe sizes varying from ¼ “to 24” and the freeze plug can be maintained for as long as is required.

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Summary of the Project

Wellube successfully carried out Simultaneous Double Position Pipe Freezing on 20” Chilled Water lines in Muscat, Oman.

Pipe freezing underway

Client Requirement

The client wanted to connect the existing main chilled water pipeline to a newly developed property but could not due to passing main valves. As a result, the client wanted to replace the faulty isolation valves in the existing pipeline using temporary pipeline isolation in order to continue with the expansion of their downstream piping network.

Unique Solution Delivered

As the client wanted a cost-effective solution, Wellube discussed with the client and decided to provide pipe freezing as it is a hassle-free solution in which line isolation can be achieved without any additional installations.

Wellube designed, manufactured and installed freezing jackets according to applicable codes and specifications which was utilised for the pipe-freezing method using Liquid Nitrogen, to achieve an ice plug to isolate the pipeline to install new valves in it.

Pipe freezing operation underway at the site

There was no hot tapping required to inflate the isolation system or for the stopple head isolation, hence once the pipe freezing was completed the pipeline was intact without any additional fittings or branches for the stopple process.

The project was meticulously planned and executed in a much lesser time schedule than the initially planned time frame.

Wellube has the capability to handle pipe freezing up to 24” which enables temporary isolation/line Stopping, numerous rectification activities such as valve replacements, pipeline modification, installation of Tees and branches can be completed using the method.

Benefits Delivered

  • Faster method of Line isolation: Project completed in a shorter time than planned
  • Reduced wastage of chilled water
  • No additional permanent installations on the pipeline
  • Cost-effective and quick solution
  • Completely HSE compliant
Pipe freezing jackets filled with liquid nitrogen

Client Feedback

The owners of the property and the contractor Cheqpoint expressed their appreciation for Wellube’s professional management of the project and were extremely pleased that we completed the project in a shorter time frame than scheduled.

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